Charter Members


Lucy Wolcott Barnum

In the order listed on the charter:

Louise Barnum Robbins, Regent
Harriet Knapp Lambie
Mary Cole Seager
Ann Lowell Doolittle
Anna Mary Carpenter
Anna Marie Hale Miller, Vice Regent
Almira A. Bliss
Harriet Calista Clark
Mary Lowell Johnson
Helen Ames Jibb
Emeline Palmer
Nida Pennock Hardy, Treasurer
Florence Marion Cole
Delia Elizabeth Knight
Miriam Grant Macy *
Mary Newell Carey
Elizabeth Benner Barrett, Recording Secretary
Mary Beecher Hopkins, Registrar
Ellen Jane Lambie
Julia Dent Grant  *
Zada Wheeler Lee
Mabel Clayton Bonner
Sarah Wood Stowell
Bertha Weaver Steck
Marie Saunders Boyd
Ida Farrar McFarland
Grace Grieve Millard
Emma Church Clark
Jessie Walker Gibford
Cecilia Eloise Dailey
Sadie J. Palmer
Jessie Fredericka Miller
Viola Wood Knapp
Clara Root Jewett
Lucia Husted Faust
Ethel A. Teachout
Mary S. Miller
Bessie Leach Priddy
Kate Elizabeth Farnsworth
Eugenia Patterson Carr
Frances Sutherland Wilson
Margaret Sweet Seger
Genevieve Fraser Bawden
Charlotte Knapp Hurlbut
Caroline Wood Hunter
Fannnie Whitney Berdan
Mary Frazer Wright
Agnes Fraser Bell
Josephine Wilcox Lambie
Ella Jane Moreland
Theresa Lane Rose
Winnifred Weaver Dodge
Isabella Davison Dailey, Historian
Margaret Olive Seger
Lucinda Bush Ladd
Frances Wilhelmina Rose
Maude Weaver Peck
Georgia Rice Treat
Margaret Metler Sweet
Clara Bronson Hopkins
Adella Knapp Kedzie
Lucy Rice Sickles
Helen DeLusia West
Louise Lewis Bush
Blanche Stephens Van Auken
Louise Ladd
The charter is signed by Julia G. Scott, President General
and Mary R. Wilcox, Recording Secretary General.
Dated October 10th, 1910.
* [Granddaughters of Gen. U.S. Grant]
If you would like to see a list of the Patriots these women used to join DAR, click here.

For information on membership, contact our Registrar, Linda Hartley.

For general information, contact our Regent, Marianne Vykydal.



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