Lucy Wolcott Barnum

Lucy Wolcott was born 2 November 1762, in Goshen, Connecticut, to Samuel Wolcott and his wife, Lucy Wright. Lucy Wolcott had the following siblings: Samuel, b. 1751; Susannah; Alvin, b. 1765; Jesse; Moses; William; and, Philemon, b. 1768.

On 30 November 1780, Lucy Wolcott was married to Stephen Barnum. In 19 years of marriage, they had eight children. Many of the children were born in Shoreham, Vermont, where the family moved in 1784. The children were:

 David  (16 Oct 1781-10 May 1850)
 Ezra (19 Dec 1783-15 Sep 1869)
 Levi  (24 Aug 1786-26 Feb 1854)
 Medad  (14 Dec 1788-22 May 1875)
 Susannah (21 Sep 1791-20 Mar 1873)
 Lucy (21 Aug 1794-17 Aug 1879)
 Orrin (1 Oct 1796-10 Apr 1864)
 Stephen (24 Jun 1799-8 Jun 1884)
Lucy's children migrated to South Carolina, Illinois, Minnesota and New York.

Lucy Wolcott Barnum died in Shoreham, Vermont, 29 June 1799, five days after the birth of her last child. Her husband, Stephen, died 24 August 1834, in Shoreham, Vermont.

Lucy Wolcott's father, Samuel , and brother Samuel, Jr., were participants in the taking of Fort Ticonderoga in May 1775. Her future husband, Stephen Barnum, was at Fort Ticonderoga several times during the course of the Revolutionary War.

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